What Year 2000 Looked Like to People in 1910

In 1910, some really inventive people decided to imagine the year 2000 by drawing up some creative illustrations. While we've yet to fulfill some of their predictions, some of our achievements have far exceeded their expectations.

How they have underestimated us:

We've got skateboards, heelys and all sorts of wheelies. I think we won this battle.
 How are we ever going to play Snoop Dogg on one of those gramophones? Nope, don't think it's going to work. Although it might be worth looking into the butler service :D
Please. ATOMIC BOMB. Next!

 Aww come on! That's just the Titanic being carried by blimps!

How they have seriously, seriously overestimated us:
People were probably also pissed at women taking too long to get ready then lol.


I'm dropping out of school. Now. This is the only way of learning I deem acceptable.

Seriously? Everyone maximising space by taking off into the air, making friends with pigeons and meeting each other on individual planes/strap on monster wings? I will never ever be satisfied with cars again. Ever.

In conclusion, people are lazy and want technology to do things for them. It is this exact mentality that has brought us the dishwasher and washing machine, so THANKS GUYS!

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