Japan’s Newest Craze- The Pet "Mouse"

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Do you remember the Digital Pet/ Tamagotchi phase?

I'm positive the inventors were inspired by kids like me.

See, I wanted a pet to be kind to and provide lots of love for, but my parents (Fascist-ly) said no. So after much pleading and screaming face down on the carpet while spending months kicking stuff, they agreed to get me a digital pet that lived in an egg. See what I mean? And I was not even credited for its inception and subsequent success.

Innocent as I was, I got manipulated into thinking Freddie was so much better than puppies because he didn't bring dead mice to me and poop in my shoes. My parents were all like, this is such a good way to learn about responsibility, and I thought to myself that this was going to be an easy ride and Freddie and I would live together till I was 90 and who needs men.

Until one day when I woke up to a nearly dying pet cowering in the corner of the screen because I spent the night having dreams about pirate ships dragged across the ocean by whales while it digital-pooped all over the place and was clearly suffocating from the scent. At that point, I realised that, okay, maybe responsibility's not my thing. 

So kids of today, if your parents are trying to dope you into getting a Tamagotchi as an initiation rite to learning about responsibility, make sure you shake your head fervently and point to one of these instead:
The Pet "Mouse"-- Get it? Get it?
It's real name is "Oppopet" (oppo-pet) and they are wireless mouse aimed to look like cute little animals. When removed, its tail is actually the connecting device you plug into your USB so you can log onto YouTube. Not only are they infinitely more useful, they produce no form of poop that require you to pause your video game or argue with your siblings about who has to put their peanut butter jelly sandwich down and attend to it.
The Oppopet comes in the fox, dog, dolphin, cat, pig, squirrel, chameleon, and rabbit model.
It's a win-win situation, really.

Which one's your favourite? I like the squirrel one with the bushy tail :D

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