The First Ever Childrens Book (1744)

Kids are funny.

They're my favourite people around, which is why I love spending time with them. The only problem is, I tend to recklessly abandon my post as "grown up" very quickly in all circumstances, and end up losing myself in books about squirrels being friends with crocodiles.

For a legal adult, I have a suspiciously large collection of childrens literature sitting on my shelf, of which is desperately missing this: The First EVER Children's Book published in 1744 (with the longest title ever)- A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, intended for the Amusement of Little Master Tommy and Pretty Miss Polly with Two Letters from Jack the Giant Killer.

I don't think it's in print anymore (mostly because kids take more than a year to read that mouthful of a title), but we can always hope. The images here are all found off the internet, and that is why I am friends with no one but the internet.

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Fun fact: The Newbery Medal was named after the author who wrote it: British publisher John Newbery.

Also, the book includes a rhyme called "Base-Ball", which is the first known instance of the word baseball in print. Awesome Explosion.

Finally, marketing efforts back in the day were evidently very advanced because the book came with a free ball or pincushion, depending on the gender of the child. Exactly like how childrens books today also come with free stuff, like a replica of the magic Emerald Ring the Fairy used to destroy the witch with.

I sometimes buy the book just for the ring. Don't you?

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