Real Life Disney Princesses

There was a time not too long ago when I wanted a pet naked mole rat.

That's because I was tricked into thinking they were adorable by the sunbathing, sunglasses-wearing naked mole rat in Kim Possible, named Rufus.

That was also around the same time I found out about Google, and since then, more than one aspect of my life has changed irrevocably. I didn't want a naked mole rat anymore because in reality, they look like they belong very deep inside your body, like next to your spleen.

Thankfully, not all cartoons turn out that miserable looking, just like these Real Life Angry Birds, and these digital manipulations of what Disney Princesses would look like when tinged with actual human traits. And not the phony ones in Disney World that wave with pageant-like control.

 Is it just me or does Brenda Song look like she would make a good Mulan?
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I am so, extremely impressed.

I spend most of my adulthood stalking Disney Princess-related things on the internets (like this and this), and these paintings are not only incredibly realistic (no 11-inch waist for you, Megara!), but also successfully retain the character's original personalities and Disney-fied facial structure.

What do you think? Which is the most realistic Princess?