Art with Dead Flies

Hello! I have something REALLY GROSS, but REALLY funny to show you :D

I know it seems like a set up because I've been bombarding you with pictures of fluffy cupcakes and pastries the past few days, and then today, you're just surfing the net thinking to yourself about baking those brownies in eggshells lalala *whistle whistle oohh Ryan Goslinggggg's abs whistle* and then BAM! DEAD FLY ART.

Yeah, ART with DEAD FLIES. I know. The nausea is palpable. 

An artist that goes by Flychelangelo collected a bunch of dead flies and put them on pencil drawn backdrops depicting comical scenes.

Okay, you may not agree with Flychelangelo's idea of art, but a very wise man once said that only a true artist can find a way to turn dried up carcasses into an attraction.

That wise man is dead now, but I assure you that those two things are not related.

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