Awesome "Tying the Knot" Wedding Invitation

After getting involved with Pinterest (I almost mean that in an affair kind of way), I've been obsessed with weddings.

Wedding place cards, wedding dresses, wedding themes, wedding invites, you name it, I've pinned it. It's kind of sad considering how I'm nowhere near actually walking down the aisle. It's like being a cat lady in the internet age.

In particular, this wedding invite I came across really made me smile, chuckle and get really excited. It literally carries out the phrase "tying the knot".

If my wedding had invites as delightful as these, I'd better be in a Disney Princess Wedding Gown or the invitations will be the highlight of my entire Wedding.

I refuse to be so thoughtful to the people I didn't invite.

P.S. Wedding Invitation in a Film Roll, Another Harry Potter themed wedding, and Barbie and Ken's wedding photos. Fo' Real.

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