Hello Kitty Macaroons

It should be clear the kind of flying respect I have for people who bake the most unique things. Like the Rainbow in a Jar cake, the FLAMING strawberries on cupcakes, the Teeny Tiny Cinnamon Rolls etc.

But somehow, I find myself even more blown away by people who bake awesome macaroons! I have a sneaking suspicion that this reverence stems from a rabbit character in a kids book who once made macaroons that looked like cookie puddles. Somehow, it didn't jump out at me that rabbits don't bake.


Images by: I Heart Baking

Unfortunately, I do not know the recipe for this divine creation, but even if I did, I would have kept it to myself.  Ha. Kidding.

P.S. HAMBURGER MACAROON stole my heart months ago.

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