3 MORE Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

Updated with 1 more AWESOME Heart-Shaped Food Idea at the bottom!

Happy Valentine's Day, Belly Buttons! Are you feeling the love today? :)

I hope you are, because I just can't get enough of Valentine's Day related food and ideas that have been exploding all over the web these past few weeks. When I finished the Valentine's Day Guide, I was all, "Okay this is it, THE BEST OF THE WEB." And now I'm all, I wish I could add THIS, and THIS, and THIS, THIS THIS THIS.

And especially these 3.

1. Domo-Kun Heart Cookies

For the recipe and step by step instructions, please head to AlanaBread.

Domo-kun is a kind of Japanese cartoon character that I know absolutely nothing about apart from its name and failed attempts to appear ferocious. Clearly, that makes for good cookies!

2. Milk Heart Cubes
image and instructions by: Victoria at A Subtle Revery 

This is one of those ideas that make me very very happy. That's because there is no actual cooking/baking/burnt eyebrows involved. 

It should be pretty clear by now that I'm a curator, not creator, so this seems to fall nicely within the thresholds of my abilities. That is, pouring milk into heart shaped ice trays, putting in some red food colouring and freezing it. I just want to show my love without accidentally incinerating someone, yaknowwhatImean?

For recipe, please head to Six Sisters' Stuff

Pink Oreos, seriously? STRAP IT TO MY TASTE BUDS!!!

Okay, I'm sorry, I'm adding one more because just there's too much resistance in my head chanting "Do it, do it, do it" and it's making me vibrate.

4. Heart Shaped Pizzas and Heart Shaped Toppings
For instructions, please head to Once Upon a Cutting Board

SEEWHATIMEAN? And they're individual-sized pizzas, i.e. you don't have to share!

Just in case you're making a last minute, Hail Mary pass to celebrate this day, the B for Bel Valentine's Day Guide is still readily available! Which I suggest you do, because you don't mess with estrogen. You just don't.

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