Wicked Witch of the East Cupcake

I might make this a quick one today because I got punched in the face by a 10x10 schoolbag on the bus and it's not a good time to write stuff when you feel dizzy because that's when you say things you don't mean to say and then you tell people you're really the girl with the dragon tattoo.

... What? (See what I mean?)

Anyway, everyone seems to be making fun of the Wicked Witch of the East on Pinterest these days, which I'm cool with because it's funny. What's funnier is that the entire world only knows her by her legs. I wonder if she's green like Elphaba?

Image by: Kelly Sweet Rewards, Found via: Neatorama

Ha. Crushed by a cupcake. Not so wicked now, huh. 

P.S. Wicked Witch of the East Bookmark. As in she got crushed by a dictionary.