PURPLE Polar Bear is for REAL

I know what immediately comes to mind. "Stop it already, you're embarrassing yourself. There is no such thing as purple polar bears."Well, BAM! And I assure you there is no photo editing whatsoever done on this adorable, but properly humiliated creature.Funny story, what happened was this purple bear had a rare skin condition, which is where you would think the purple comes in, but wait. So the zoo officials tried to help it out by giving him some meds, and some meds it was. The polar bear turned out to be allergic to the meds and turned a magnificent shade of purple instead.

Images found via: Freaky Weird Animals 
Don't worry, he got better and reverted back to his old self again, which, fun fact: is BLACK, not white. I know, right? Who knew the polar bear was capable of being the source of such controversy?
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